With a keen ear for flow and an innate knack for melody Daz Payne crafts a catchy single that collides two worlds. Trap and R&B merge in the massive new single that is 'Rich Boy Trap'. Over distorted keys and chords that shift up and down a slight pitch bend, booming 808s, rapid fire hi hats and crisp snares Daz Payne flows flawlessly and displays a smooth confidence that is both boastful and effortless. Daz Payne's vocals add a melody that is irreplaceable and plays almost as a secondary instrument in the hook, lyrically he details debauchery, carnality, drug use and excess with a demeanor that is naturally invigorated by the rush of the moment. 'Rich Boy Trap' is an undeniable anthem that will stick with any listener and is sure to leave any house party, pre-game, or trap house lit.